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EPC project of EWASTE recycling plant

1.General process of Ewaste recycling plant

For e-waste recycling, the process is like this:


1) You dismantle the ewaste( such as , PCs:)


2) Sort the part into CRT, circuit boards, cable, case, hard disk .


3) You use CRT cutter, Circuit board recycling machines, cable recycling machines, HARD disk shredder.


So you need the line as below:


  1. PC Dismantle line 

  2.  CRT cutter

  3. Circuit board recycling line

  4. Cable recycling machines

  5. HARD disk shredder.( You can share the shredder from circuit board recycling line and cable recycling line.)

  6. Battery recycling plant( Li or Lead acid)

2.Project  implementation procedure  

Step  1: Communication between buyer and service provider

Step  2: Sign EPC service contract

Step  3: 10% contract amount will be paid by buyer

Step  4: Investigation for Engineering ,material supply, marketing investigation, such  as coke, gas, electric power ,additive, etc, lead ingot market survey, local  environmental policy research

Remarks  :Step 4 is very important , because we have to get those information, so we can  choose right furnace( rotary furnace / blast furnace) , right heater(gas burner,  oil burner, electrical furnace), right additive, etc.

Step  5: Design of completed used lead acid battery recycling plant
 Step 4 and step 5 are free services for customer to make sure  right process, right additive, right machines chosen, right layout designed.  
Step  6: Approve design by buyer

Step  7: Sign formal procurement contract for machines based on final  design

Step  8: 30% Advanced payment for machineries procurement (Including 5% pre-paid at  step 3).

Step  9: Organize the production of machineries

Step  10:60% balance payment before shipment

Sep  11: Installation, commission, training

Step  12: Acceptance of project

Step  13:10% balance paid

Step  14: Project closure


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